Stand for peace widget.

Add the script below before closing the <head> tag. The widget can be placed in one of four positions on the screen: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, or bottom-right. You can customize the position by adding the data-position attribute to the script tag. Example usage:

<script id="peace" data-position="bottom-right" async="true" src="https://html.earth/peace.js"></script>


Though conflicts rage around the globe, there is hope within each of us to be instruments of change. We can spread more light rather than add to the darkness or take sides. This simple widget serves as a gentle reminder that peace begins with us. With each glance, we're prompted to reflect on how we can radiate more peace through our words, actions, and intentions. When we stand for peace, we plant seeds that blossom into compassion worldwide.

Clicking on the widget shows images of people impacted by war and conflict. We're reminded of our shared humanity and interconnectedness. May this small widget motivate us to become the change we wish to see. May we become more patient, forgiving, and understanding each day. And may we have the wisdom to act with nonviolence, justice, and love - standing together for peace.

Yes - it's the internet. Some may mock gentle calls for peace, but responding with hostility only breeds more darkness. There is strength in remaining soft and standing firm in our conviction that peace is possible when we uplift our shared humanity.

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